Find our Discord community – Option to Sponsor Github

Multiplied By One Community Discord

If you are receiving a notification about a new blog and are unsure why, it may be that you meant to sign up to be notified of when the app goes live, but input your email to the incorrect form. That form is now more clearly labelled.

There is now a Discord server, not only for devs, but a new one for the community who may wish to contribute in other ways, ask questions, or connect about the project. Follow this invitation to connect. The devs have a separate Discord.

The Github with the frontend and backend repositories for the app now has the ability to be sponsored. This is a concept like Patreon, but for developers, projects, or organizations. It is a safer way to donate to the project than by a basic PayPal link. The funds that sponsors provide go to an account that is specifically for Multiplied By One. If there is more given than needed on any specific month, then the money remains there, to be used only for the app at a later date. This sponsoring is not required for anyone to be able to use the app. The app will be free for use. The sponsorship option is only linked for those who have the means and the desire to contribute with financial means.

The Github sponsorship with the reward tiers list and description can be found here.

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Multiplied By One

Concept creator of Multiplied By One; an upcoming web app for assisting communication in Dissociative Identity Disorder systems

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