Multiplied By One: App in Development

The Multiplied By One app for Dissociative Identity Disorder / OSDD systems is still in development by a team of volunteers. We are running the organization of the project through a Discord server, and the codes are public on GitHub.

From the time that I concept created the app and designed it, the project is over a year in the making. I love the support that we have been shown.

Here’s a few update points:

The volunteer developer team has been growing progressively. Most on the team do not have a dissociative disorder, but I’m impressed by their eagerness to learn and understand in order to create the best results possible for this community. We spent the first months figuring out the most productive and logical plan in terms of coding languages, development tools, like AWS, and we progressively figured out a system in which to lead the team.

Something that will now speed up the process is that after reaching out to the team for further organization, more of the devs are in the process of creating Github tasks for the front and backend so that everyone in this growing work has something to advance with.

As the app website was created one year ago, I have just renewed the domain and will be renewing the subscription to keep Multiplied By One on WordPress until the domain can be transferred to the app after it goes live for public use. This means that more of the funds donated to the project have been used.

I want to credit the donors for their generosity, which includes kindness from the GitHub sponsorship and the funding website. Emma Sunshaw of the System Speak podcast was among the donors, to which I am grateful and moved. Thank you for believing in this app project and supporting its progress!

The total funds raised so far amount to $173 CDN, (Or approx. 140 USD) which has been a huge help with both the small series of Amazon Web Services (AWS) charges and with the website and domain related renewals.

There have been so many more sign-ups recently for being notified for when the app goes live. That’s amazing! Thank you for your support. I am so eager to see this app go public and in use after so much time and energy… and love for this cause has been put into this last year.

Once the app is live, I will be sending out the notifications, broadcasting on media, and I will create a dedicated episode on the topic within my The Bag System podcast series.

If you are interested in being notified of when the app goes live, find the sign-up form at the bottom of the pages on this website. The form for following the blog is separate, so while I love that you follow the blog, I’d like to make sure you enter what you intended.

~ Melissa (The Bag System)