Beta Testing Is On The Horizon: App for DID/OSDD Systems

The Multiplied By One app progress is growing very encouraging. Beta testing is on the horizon. The volunteer developers are exemplary in giving their time, of their supportive spirit, and in their dedication to see this project through.

Kindness from the USA, the UK, from Hong Kong, and more… are at the root of coding this app for DID/OSDD systems. Meetings every Sunday afternoon in the USA find the Hong Kong timezone to be 2 am on Monday morning, though, alarm clocks go off, lights go on, and this little global summit off of Discord audio comes to life.

The first feature to release will be The System Map, which is the most significant to begin with, as it is the source of data input that will branch to the other features where names of Headmates are called from.

Members of the Community Discord server will have first access to the option of Beta testing. This fantastic and encouraging community is growing, connecting, and demonstrating that this dream for this app is not only our own, but shared.

How can you help if you are not a coder?

  • Share the project with coding schools allowing credit points to students who participate. We offer to be the project supervisor and to make the final reports.
  • If you know an online community of developers, see if the admins would allow for a post about contributing to an Open Source project for social good.
  • Share the link to this website to social media, or to anyone you know who would be interested; even if it’s a therapist who specializes in dissociative disorders who may be able to later refer.
  • Join the Community Discord server. We began meeting in audio and text chat to discuss what everyone can do to help the app launch be a success.
  • If you have the capacity and desire to do so, donations can be made through 3 options linked on the Support The App page. This is not an obligation, though funds provided can go a long way in allowing for needed elements such as a PO Box to have a mailing address for the app, (Without giving our home address for safety reasons) or such as funding the legal aspects, like the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy… or general maintenance fees of the AWS or website… etc.

When will the release be? We don’t have a specific date yet, but find the sign up form to our newsletter for being notified of launch and of later feature releases on the main landing page.

We want to offer a huge and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated to the app thus far, and thank you in advance to those who will. Also, a massive thanks to the community for their eagerness to see Multiplied By One come to reality. If we were dreaming this alone, it would stay a dream. You make dreams come true…

Thank you to the DEVS! You are heroes for which I have mad respect and gratitude.

~ My name is Melissa, and with my Headmates, we are The Bag System