When “Multiplied By One” Goes Live

The development of the Multiplied By One app is still going forward! If you would like to receive a notification of the site going live when it launches, then you can find the contact form and send us a message that’s as simple as “Notify.”

This won’t be a sign up for regular emails or spam promotions. You would be signing up for one email that allows you to be informed, as well as a chance to start your journey with this app for DID/OSDD systems.

When Dreams Come True

An app for the DID and OSDD community has been a dream of mine. I think, it’s become yours too. I’m writing this blog to let you know that this aspiration is finally unfolding.

There is a team of developers working with me on a volunteer basis in the development of Multiplied By One! Things are advancing the way that I was beginning to think would never happen, because, for some reason, it wasn’t; until now.

The app will actually be a web app, and not a desktop, as was initially brought up. This will make it more accessible across all devices.

The app will be free to use, and without ads, though there will be an option to contribute to the hosting of the app if desired. If you can give, there is a sponsorship option on GitHub. The funds will be going to the upkeep of the website costs. I am giving my own funds to this as well.

If you have any questions to submit to an FAQ, feel welcome to send them in to my contact found on this website.

If you are a developer peeking at this website, we could use you on the team.